#6 – Natural recipe for beautiful skin

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Galician actress Nerea Barros assures us that more than tricks, her mother has always taught her attitudes in life that directly affect the skin and body well-being. “You always have to be physically active and good daily hydration, a varied and conscious diet based on organic foods, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fish are essential.” Also, her mother taught her a good recipe to take care of the skin of her hands with olive oil, lemon juice, a little warm water, and organic honey, and if you want to exfoliate the skin, you only have to add organic sugar. “

#5 – Lavender oil for sleeping and a bath with sea salt

The actress Aída Folch takes the care of herself very seriously at home, and to achieve the relaxation she so longed for these days, before going to sleep, she applies a few drops of lavender on her wrists and behind her ears and she takes a hot bath with sea salt. Also, comb eyelashes very well and spread the cream on feet before going to bed, always moisturize lips and apply tea tree on pimples.

#4 – Lemon for lighter hair

Tamara Falcó has a homemade trick to make her hair lighter in the sunlight: it is to mix her conditioner with a few drops of lemon to look great, and it works. There is more to see your healthy hair.

#3 – Turmeric and yogurt mask

Priyanka Chopra’s favorite facial treatment is none other than a homemade facial mask with yogurt with oatmeal and turmeric to achieve a spectacular shine on the skin.

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