10 Homemade Beauty Tips From Celebrities That You Can Now Put Into Practice

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Some homemade beauty tricks have become one of the best allies of self-care now in these days when we can not leave home to quarantine to fight the coronavirus among all. And nothing like betting on some of them to achieve beautiful skin, healthy hair, being more relaxed from applying a few drops of lavender oil that you can find in the pharmacy, to applying tea tree mixed in your shampoo for a cleaner hair and without impurities. Some celebrities have their best kept beauty tips with ingredients you can find in your kitchen or at the supermarket. Take note of some of them! They will surprise you.

#10 Coffee scrub to combat cellulite

Halle Berry doesn’t buy expensive scrubs. To combat cellulite, mix with your ground coffee bath gel because, in addition to applying caffeine to the skin, it stimulates blood circulation, which can help reduce not only the appearance of cellulite but also stretch marks and other skin conditions.

#9 Vinegar for the skin

Scarlett Johansson always manages to show off beautiful skin, both on and off the screen. And to keep her face skin free of impurities, she has discovered the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

#8 Mayonnaise Hair Mask

To banish split ends and nourish her mane, Blake Lively is faithful to her mother’s beauty trick. Put oil or mayonnaise from the middle to the ends before showering and apply the shampoo. That way, when you wash your hair, soap doesn’t remove moisture from the underside of your hair and makes it brittle.

#7 Guacamole or avocado for strong hair

The volume, the shine, the quantity, we want Salma Hayek’s hair. As a homemade trick, the Mexican assures that she puts guacamole in her hair, before the shampoo, a real shot of natural ingredients full of vitamins that promote its growth and strength. And failing that, avocado as a mask for a mane.

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