5 Series To Watch Without Further Delay on Amazon Prime Video

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You do not know what to watch, or nothing makes you want on Netflix? How about testing the Amazon Prime Video series? There are also nuggets on this platform, and we have listed 5 in particular that you must see.

5 series to watch on Amazon Prime Video

1) The boys (Amazon Prime Video)

What if superheroes were celebrities like the others, multiplying whims and vices? This is the bias of the series The Boys, which stages a team of superheroes who have been corrupted by fame and glory and have gradually revealed the dark side of their personality. An atypical vigilante team then decides to take action and discredit these superheroes adored by all. On the list, a completely crazy and engaging series.

2) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Video)

Fancy a funny, refreshing, and inspiring series? We can only advise you, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which tells the story of Miriam “Midge” Maisel, in New York in 1958, who has everything to be happy: a perfect husband, 2 children and an elegant apartment on the Upper West Side. But her perfect little life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a real talent and a passion for stand-up. And it makes us laugh a lot!

3) The Expanse (Amazon Prime Video)

In the 23rd century, men colonized the solar system. Mars has become an independent military power, and the other planets depend on the resources of the asteroid belt, where living conditions are dire. Over the years, tensions between Earth, Mars and the Belt have grown to such an extent that a simple spark could start a war. In these tense circumstances, the disappearance of a young woman will lead a detective and the captain of a spacecraft in a race through space to discover the greatest plot in the history of humanity.

4) Carnival Row (Amazon Prime Video)

In this fantastic series with high potential, we find neither more nor less than Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom in a fantasy world in the Victorian era where mythological creatures must coexist with humans. Orlando Bloom plays detective Rycroft Philostrate, who meets Vignette Stonemoss, played by Cara Delevingne, a refugee fairy. Together, they enter into a relationship at the heart of an increasingly intolerant society. Love, supernatural, tension, and action? We say yes!

5) Hunters (Amazon Prime Video)

With a cast composed of Al Pacino and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Fury), the series takes place in the 1970s and tells the adventures of a band of Nazi hunters who embarks on a bloody quest to translate senior dignitaries of the ousted regime and thwarting their plan to establish a Fourth Reich in the United States. The series is notably described as “a series that provokes, both aesthetically and narratively than morally,” and that makes you want to watch it.

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