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Google Ads Updates 2019 – Everything You Need To Know About

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The most critical Google Ads Updates including new features & announcements by Google. These updates have the potential to uplift your marketing effect. Be the first to use new features introduces by Google Ads to beat the competition.

Google Ads Postpones Its Ads Delivery Update

Last month, Google announced that they are going to remove accelerated delivery for Search campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and shared budgets. To give Continue reading

Google Ads Introduces New Smart Bidding strategy – Maximize conversion value

Maximize conversion value – This automated bidding strategy helps advertisers to maximize the total conv value of your campaign withinContinue reading

Google Ads Introduces Filters on the Overview page

Google Ads overview page help advertisers to check out account performance & very important insights at a glance. However, EachContinue reading

Google Ads Introduces seasonality adjustments for Smart Bidding – Google Ads Updates

Goggle ads smart bidding (like target CPA and target ROAS) use machine learning to automatically set bids at auction time Continue reading

Google Ad Is Going To Remove Accelerated Delivery Feature From September 17, 2019 In Search and Shopping campaigns

Ad delivery method is one of the strongest weapon for some of the advertiser. Well, it will be no longer available. Continue reading

Advertisers Can Now Manage Multiple Google Ad Accounts More Efficiently With The Account Map

If you have a manager account with multiple sub-accounts, staying organized is very important. New account map is a simple & easy-to-use Continue reading

Gallery ads (beta) available in 11 languages globally [Google ads update]

In today’s era, 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone? To help advertisers keepContinue reading


The world is evolving and in this evolution, they are several changes in human behavior and preferences. We are in Continue reading

Parallel Tracking will be mandatory for Display ads starting July 31st, 2019

Google Ads Parallel Tracking One of the very first lessons you’ll learn as a newbie search engine optimization student is Continue reading

Now Advertisers Can Create & Edit Responsive Search Ads With Google ads Mobile App

For the online marketer that wants to succeed with the Google Ads, there is then the constant need to regularly Continue reading

Google now allows advertisers to See landing page performance from Shopping campaigns

LANDING PAGE’S PERFORMANCE The landing page in the sphere of online marketing is web pages that contain the actions visitors

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Campaign-Level Conversion Actions

Choosing Campaign-level Conversion Actions Are your online ads converting into sales? Are they effective? Is the cost-benefit analysis positive? Are Continue reading

Google ADs Portfolio Bidding Strategies Made Easier

Google ADs Portfolio Bidding Strategies Made Easier Usually, Google-hosted advert campaigns are run on a bidding strategy, as adopted by Continue reading

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