How To Avoid Panic Over The Coronavirus

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In this time of uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remain calm and not let ourselves be carried away by fear. We give you some advice so that you can face the situation without panicking.

The COVID-19 pandemic, the state of alarm, and the confinement that it entails can generate panic and anxiety. We must learn to manage fear and worry so as not to panic.


We must differentiate the actions that come from a fear that we assimilate as panic and the actions that come from what would be a responsible concern.

  • Fear appears when concerns invade us focused on what will happen to ourselves or our loved ones.

Fear leads us to perform acts without thinking of others

  • That fear can lead us to carry out actions that do not take other people into account, such as compulsive shopping in supermarkets or spreading messages and audios without knowing if the information is true or not.
  • It’s normal to be afraid, but if we get carried away with this emotion, what we do is we’re re-ensuing everyone’s social panic.


The coronavirus pandemic is a new situation, and therefore guidelines and information appear slowly and sometimes unclearly.

That uncertainty generates a higher level of fear. The key to managing this uncertainty and not reacting in panic is to give yourself time.

We should give ourselves time to reflect, have a little patience and not impulsively search for all the information because we can misinterpret it.

Without the information of the virus, psychologically, it is easy for people to ruminate and exaggerate their fears by assuming different possible situations.

If we panic, we can fall into pointless behaviors on a personal or social level.

Negative examples derived from panic :

  • Buying compulsively, causing a collapse in supermarkets, and depriving other people who may need them of basic food.
  • Compulsively search for information, give credibility to viral audios and videos of which we do not know the origin, and forward them to our environment, helping to supply back the social panic.


To avoid panicking and ensure that our actions are guided by responsible concern, Pilar Conde advises:

  1. Consider and respect the measures proposed by the government. For example, maintaining a safe distance between people, intensifying hygiene, avoiding meetings, and social contacts.
  2. Remember that these measures are temporary, and for well being of our family and us.
  3. Be engaged with our time and stay home if it is not necessary or mandatory to leave.


We are not used to spending so much time locked up at home with the family and living together for a long time, added to the uncertainty of the situation. It can be complicated and lead to minor friction and conflict.

To avoid this, take these tips into account:

  • We must try to maintain the usual working and eating schedules.
  • People who are used to doing sports can schedule exercises indoors. Online videos can be useful for this.

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