Prince Charles and Other Celebrities Infected With Coronavirus in The United Kingdom

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In the UK, the coronavirus outbreak has been slow to spread for a few weeks longer than in other European countries. In recent days, the number of those infected by COVID-19 is increasing very rapidly. That is why the British government decided last Monday to take drastic quarantine measures.

With the number of social networks and instant messaging platforms that we can use today, in cases like these, the number of hoaxes, fake news, and other messages that should be omitted have skyrocketed. For this, several influential people have decided to announce on social networks that they have tested positive for coronavirus. In addition, these celebrities urge people to stay at home, to make people aware of the importance of confining themselves once and for all.

Celebrities infected with coronavirus in the United Kingdom

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus at 71 years of age. According to the royal house itself, he is confined in Scotland, at Balmoral Castle, his habitual residence. The prince would be in good health, as he has exhibited mild symptoms. His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles, has also been tested and found negative.

On March 10, he coincided in a public act with Prince Albert of Monaco, who has also tested positive for the coronavirus.

Idris Elba

The famous London actor Idris Elba has also tested positive for coronavirus. The protagonist of movies like Thor, The Avengers or RocknRolla, made it public through a video posted on his Twitter account. He was also trying to educate his audience about the importance of staying home. He stressed the fact that even if you have no symptoms, if you are a carrier of the virus, you can spread it. In fact, he himself has assured in several interviews that he does not have symptoms of cough, fever, or discomfort, so he could be on the street spreading the virus to people who can affect more.

Mikel Arteta

The former Basque footballer from Everton and Arsenal is another of the famous – this time from the world of sports – infected by the coronavirus. He currently plays the role of coach for London Arsenal, after his tenure as Pep Guardiola’s second coach at Manchester City. He was one of the first infected by this virus on the British football scene. After a match against Greek Olympiacos, from which its president tested positive, the entire squad was at risk of contagion. Mikel underwent tests and tested positive. He is already recovered, but remains isolated in his London home with his wife, former model Lorena Bernal.

Mikel and Lorena also took the opportunity to talk about the importance of making these events known so that people with less impact become aware and take action on the matter.

Callum Hudson-Odoi

The English footballer of Chelsea reported his spread of coronavirus also on social networks. Hudson-Odoi, 19, was the first Premier League footballer to test positive for coronavirus. For this reason, the London club began the work of disinfecting its facilities and preventing the rest of the club’s players, coaching staff, and workers. Last Monday from the official accounts of the team, they announced that the English footballer is already recovered and is doing the training sessions from home proposed by the physical trainers.

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