Risk in Ketogenic Diet

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Keto may have some benefits but are controversial. However, health experts insist that this type of plan is usually dangerous. For example, a nutritionist warned that by recommending excess fat and protein intake, there is a risk of increasing uric acid, cholesterol, and triglycerides in the body.

For the body to be well nourished, energy requirements must first be met. If not, the body will turn to proteins, but not only those that are eaten in food, but those that are in the muscles.

Given the popularity they have acquired, the nutritionist clarified: “these diets do not promote good eating habits, which should be the long-term goal, because they are not carried out for long periods. They can promote weight loss, but you don’t lose fat, but rather liquids, muscle mass, or lean tissue.”

In the long term, diets like keto produce an effect similar to that experienced by a diabetic, who lacks the glucose necessary to carry cells.

In sum, intermittent fasting and the keto diet are not sustainable; that is, they do not fulfill the purpose of creating good eating habits. In addition, if one speaks of cost-benefit, it is also important to foresee the rebound effect, “emphasized the nutritionist.

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