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How billionaires support the world in times of crisis

As COVID-19 makes its way around the world, some of the world’s richest characters seek to help the planet through donations to obtain a cure for the powerful virus that has us all in quarantine right now. These humanitarian actions will help the entire planet to remain confined to the house without doing anything. So the next list we are going to know which millionaires joined in the fight of the Coronavirus.

Bill gates

A speech that the creator of Microsoft made in 2015 where he said that according to the investigations of his foundation, the world was not prepared for a true global pandemic, and he was right, has become very viral on social networks. That is why on February 5, he announced that the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation allocated $ 100 million to help diagnose the coronavirus, as well as isolate thousands of patients, and achieve global COVID-19 treatment. Our dear Bill never disappoints us. Always one step ahead of everyone. And for no one, it is a secret that he is one of our favorite billionaires.

Mark Cuban

Cuban is one of those eccentric millionaires who give us viral laughter for the things he does. However, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks without being distant from the situation that the world is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, confirmed to Forbes magazine that the employees of the American Airlines Center, where the Dallas Mavericks play, will receive the salary payments as if the NBA season had not stopped. And if we believed that it would not help the hospitals, we were wrong, because the millionaire, along with other basketball players like Luka Doncic and Dwight Powell, will donate $ 500,000 to support health workers in Texas.

Michael S. Dell

But not all donations stay in the United States. Tycoon creator of computer brands Dell has donated approximately $ 300,000 to buy medical supplies to hospitals in China, the country where the virus was caused. Among the medical supplies, we can get surgical masks, latex gloves, and beds to attend to the largest number of patients. For its part, the company is donating more than $ 800,000 to the Hubei Province Prevention and Control Centers, and has set aside more than $ 3 million in grant funds to help achieve the cure for COVID-19 throughout the world. A foot clap for Michael Dell.

Giovanni Ferrero

There are now two reasons why we really like Nutella. The first is because of its flavor, and the second is because we know that behind that brand, there are people committed to the salvation of the earth. Giovanni and his mother are the owners of the Ferrero confectionery, which produces not only the famous Nutella but also the Kinder and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. According to Forbes magazine, the family would have given the Italian government 10.7 million dollars to fight the Coronavirus, since this is the second country that has hit the pandemic the most. Congratulations to the Ferrero family, now with more reason, we continue to buy their chocolates.

Reed Hastings

If we have not heard of him, he is one of the owners of Netflix, the largest streaming movie platform in the world. Unfortunately, we will not talk about giving away free months of subscription, although it is not such a bad idea. Now, the Hastings company announced on March 20 that it created aid funds of at least about $ 100 million so that the production and cast professionals can collect their wages at these times when all recording sets are stopped.

Jack Ma

The co-founder of Asia’s largest online sales company Alibaba donated more than 500,000 test kits that are needed to diagnose people suffering from coronavirus symptoms, as well as a million face masks to the United States. He has also sent supplies and tests to Italy, as well as several countries in Latin America and Africa. Finally, Jack Ma has established through the Alibaba corporate foundation, a platform called Global MediXchange, in which doctors can share practices they are using to combat the coronavirus. Without a doubt, a fantastic idea where doctors, without having to leave their work area, can learn about other more effective methods.