Tips To Achieve your goals day by day

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Every year we make resolutions and define goals for our lives to improve. We start excited and give our all.

But let’s be honest, at the end of the year, we ended the same or worse than how we started.

Having goals and constantly working towards them keeps us in an attitude of progress and allows us to be constantly motivated. The problem comes when, once the emotion passes, we begin to stagnate in achieving our goals.

People need to set goals

To grow as people, whether emotionally or professionally speaking, we need to be inspired day by day and set ourselves small goals to be met in the short or medium term.

We give you an example: Maria weighs 80 kg and is only 1.65. Although she is happy, but she has realized that her weight makes it impossible for her to carry out certain activities that she previously liked to do and wants to lead a healthier life. For this reason, Maria has set out to lose weight by exercising daily and eating a more controlled and healthy diet. For Maria to comply with it and not be discouraged, what should she do? Set a goal, for example, to lose 10 kilos in the next 3 months. Keeping this objective in mind, Maria will do everything possible to achieve it, but with great motivation, sacrifice, and perseverance (it is not a path of roses, obviously). But if Maria did not set herself a clear and firm objective, she would not find that motivation, nor would she have that aim as a responsibility.

Tips to achieve your goals day by day

The following tips will allow you to be more effective when moving forward in the fulfillment of your dreams.

  1. The first mistake people often make is forgetting those medium or long-term goals. Those that are short are easier to remember, but those that are the medium or long term, we need to keep them in mind to remember them day by day. For this, we recommend that you write it down in a visible place: a notebook that you carry in your purse, refrigerator door, cork in your study room or office, etc. Write it down, write down the start date, and also the exact or approximate date you want to meet it. Keeping our goal in mind helps us carry it out.
  2. “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”: It is a very old saying, but it does not lack in truth. Write down an agenda, the night before, or that same morning, all the daily tasks that you must carry out over the course of the hours. Do the important ones first, then the urgent ones, and also remember to leave space for your moments of relaxation and leisure. If your goal is achieved day by day, you will need an agenda to organize yourself and not be tempted to lose too much leisure time.
  3. Each person is a world, and each person needs a different time of rest. Surely you already know better than anyone how many hours you need to rest at night to wake up motivated and full of energy, right? Well, go to bed the night before at the necessary time so that you get up early enough to do everything you want and need during the day.
  4. From time to time, visualize those objectives that one day you set and re-design them if necessary. Our priorities change over time, and some objectives are also met as the days go by. For this reason, we recommend that from time to time, you visualize, analyze, and redefine them. In this way, you will see if you are doing everything possible to meet them, if it is what you continue to want to achieve, etc.

Remember that everything you want to achieve needs daily work, hours of sacrifice, a lot of motivation and support, and understanding on the part of ours. Surround yourself with people who add you, who do not subtract you, be constant and persevering, and try to be in the right place at the right time. Luck also helps a little. Much encouragement for your dreams!

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