You Will Not Believe How Drinking Coffee Will Help You in Confinement

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Is it healthy to drink coffee during confinement due to the coronavirus? Take note of these tips and put them into practice. They will help you.

With confinement, we change many habits, and it is possible that coffee consumption, which we associate with work break or social activities, has decreased. However, coffee not only clears our minds and increases concentration, but it also offers various benefits for well-being and health. Many of them are really important during this obligatory confinement.

The importance of drinking coffee during confinement

Drinking coffee helps us to be clearer and to increase our activity, which is very beneficial at this time when we must be indoors. Not only does it make it easier for us to get out of bed, but it also avoids the tiredness that we feel due to confinement and boredom.

Increase muscle power

Many athletes and athletes consume caffeine, as it helps improve performance during exercise. In addition, it has ergogenic properties; that is, it increases muscle strength and stimulates the nervous system to increase the level of training.

Improves motivation and mood

Caffeine consumption increases dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter that provides pleasant sensations, helps us feel more motivated, with greater power of concentration and a better mood.

In addition, coffee is very positive for cognitive functions and ideal for work, since it helps us to streamline memory and focus on tasks more efficiently.

Helps us take a break

People who work at home need to take a break, and drinking coffee is always a good excuse to stop, walk around a bit and stop looking at the monitor for a few minutes. It is also perfect for spending a few moments with family or friends, before going back to work.

Stimulates metabolism

Coffee does not lose weight, but it stimulates the metabolism and makes the fat burning process more efficient. In addition, the increased energy it causes allows us to do more activities and more exercise, which translates into weight loss.

Prevents depression

A study conducted at Harvard University showed that drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day can help reduce depression in women in a range of about 20%. The cause could be the effect that coffee has on the brain, especially the release of dopamine.

Improves health

Coffee, if consumed in the right doses, is good for cardiovascular health. According to reports from the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), drinking up to 4 cups of coffee a day helps prevent coronary heart disease.

As per many studies around the world, coffee not only helps improve heart health but also contributes to preventing infectious and respiratory diseases. At this time, the coronavirus, an infectious disease causing respiratory symptoms, is not a good time to stop drinking coffee.

Are you a coffee drinker or have you reduced your intake? Tell us why. Share and recommend to your friends to maintain coffee consumption during confinement.

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